Free food!

If I could I would send out fliers everywhere with "FREE FOOD" in big bold letters. But a part of me wonders if the lines of people would dwindle as they realised that the free food mentioned were what most people call "weeds". There are many many free foods available. Our Father in Heaven provided them for us. I believe it is His sincere desire that none of us go hungry. Free foods are everywhere around us and are available in abundance, if we're willing to go out and find them. Sometimes that can mean a family hike. But in the case of this link I'm sharing with you today, it's probably in your own back yard. Many people think these weeds are taunting the fact that we can't get rid of them. I like to think that they are persistent because we need them. Kind of like a grandma pushing you to eat your veggies.

So here's the link to a video called Introduction to Wild Foods: Dandelions.

Another cool link is for a man, named Green Deane, who does video lessons on wild foods. They're called Eat The Weeds. He's got a funny sense of humor but more importantly is very knowledgeable and backs up his info with actually preparing and eating what he teaches you about.

So go click around, watch some videos and learn about getting some Free Food for your family!

4 "In the brush they gathered salt herbs, and their food was the root of the broom bush." Job 30:4


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