Seasons of Change

Welcome! Stay tuned, after a long absence we're "remodeling" so to speak. Lots of Changes are taking place and lots more are in the works. Starting with our new family member, born in late summer...

Photography by Jenny Gibson Photography
Secondly, our new name, Whispers in the Willows, is one that we feel better fits us. It more evenly wraps around us, and helps draw a connection to our family business. Our life, our knowledge, our family and our business are pretty much intertwined in a big ball of yarn, so we felt that our blog needed to tie in nicely to the rest of it. Our family business "Windy Willow Pond" has become a big part of our life, but more so, it is just an extension of what we already do. Our writings are not a production of fanciful perfection, it's our life, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the messy. We want to welcome our blog readers to enjoy the adventure with us, learn with us, laugh and cry with us. So come on over, and pull up a log as we enjoy the quiet moments, sharing all of ourselves through the Whispers in the Willows.  Here are a few things yet to come:
  • We're going to be working really hard to add more content, including several stories and tutes that have been patiently waiting to meet the world. *cheeky grin* 
  • You'll see some giveaways, and we're digging up more opportunities for giveaways and reader bonuses.
  • A new feature called "what's new at the Pond" will share a little about the behind the scenes happenings at our family business. 
  • Our MYO series is going to get some love. And will also be open to requests!
What would you like to see featured on our blog? Feel free to share below... As always, we thank you for reading. It sure feels good to be back! Blessings and Shalom!