A giveaway and an awesome deal you won't want to miss!

If you haven't heard of the Chris and Wendy Jeub Family before they're a wonderful Christian family with many blessings! Another thing you may not know is that they write and sell books. I've come to think of it as the "Love Series". Love in the House, Love in the Kitchen, and Love in a Diet are a few. They also offer some other great stuff. But what I'm excited to tell you about today is a wonderful promotion they're offering now through Thanksgiving! Their cookbooks are on sale and if you help spread the news about their sale you might get in on their Diet book giveaway. Being a mom of many her "diet" book is not like others. She says she has a realistic approach to weight loss. I appreciate that!

Here is what their website says about the books: 
Wendy’s cookbooks are awesome. There are several unique characteristics that make these cookbooks stand out.
  • Additional chapters on how to shop frugally, but not feel its impact.
  • The “spice-that-no-one-ever-heard-of” problem: most ingredients are bound to be in your home.
  • Index of key ingredients allow family cooks to find recipes to fit their needs.
  • Coil binding with durable front and back cover, ready for plenty of food stains.
  • Most portions cut to starndard-family sizes of 4-6. (There are a few “feeds 20″ favorites, though.)
  • Real recipes that the authors have actually been eating over the years. (We wonder about some cookbooks out there.)
Most importantly, Wendy’s cookbooks get used.
So if you're interested in the diet book giveaway fallow this link Jeubs Giveaway. And if you're only interested in getting some great cookbooks at a great price, just in time for the holidays, then fallow this link Awesome Cookbook Deal. BTW - I checked it out and these are INDEED a great deal! Plus you get free shipping! How many places do you know that are offering free shipping right now?!

So thanks for reading! and Be blessed!

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