RETURN OF THE DAUGHTERS, yet another giveaway!

In case you haven't realized the people over at Raising Homemakers .com are trying to get things started with a BANG! They're having yet another giveaway and this time it is for a copy of Return of the Daughters

I loved this movie, it was a great inspiration as a mother of daughters, and even as a mother of sons. It brings to light a new old concept of daughters staying at home with their families until marriage. This isn't an oppressive idea as some might think, but rather a way to preserve the innocence and glory of a young woman and also bless her family and community with the gifts she while she has the time to devote to such things. It's a wonderfully fresh look at the early adult years and what they're meant for. Go on over to their website and get your comments listed for an entry.

Another thing I want to point out on their post is they're considering a book swap. Leave a comment and let them know if you're interested. It would be a great resource for Christian women to have access to a book swap with like minded women. Bless you and have lovely, God inspired day.

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  1. I LOVE this video. Listening to these sisters share their reasons for staying home was a great encouragement to me as it helped me sort through the vague feelings and thoughts I already had in this direction (and was trying to implement without much clarity). It is SUCH a joy to have my daughters want to stay home and help their daddy instead of heading off into the world to "find themselves". And as you know, with two daughters married to incredible young men, it has already worked beautifully in our family. Thanks for sharing this video. --Kay D


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