Do you LAF? I LAF! it's fun!

I love to laugh, and I love to visit LAF a site that is dedicated to promoting Godly womanhood. LAF stands for Ladies Against Feminism. Some misunderstand this as being a degradation of women's rights and raise eyebrows at the term. But what we're talking about here is not the women's basic human rights, but rather the feminist attacks on society and the values of the family as it was designed by God. I am not a door mat! But I LOVE being a homemaker! I am eternally thankful for my role as wife and mother and teacher to my children. A homemaker can have many different roles, and as their life changes so does their role in the home. Some picture a woman slaving over a hot stove and laundry piles with bags under her eyes and a baby hanging off each hip. I won't lie, there can be days like that, just as there are "days like that" for my husband at work, but there are also days of sunshine picnics and stories in the park. We make surprise trips to daddy's work or play in the rain till we're shivering then run inside and take hot baths and sip cocoa! I rock my baby to sleep while "the man of the house" fights traffic in a hot non-air conditioned car. I love what God made me to be. I am perfectly equipped, perfectly made, and perfectly happy to be the nurturer of the family.

The feminists can have their stuffy offices and stiff trousers! I'll keep my aprons and butterfly kisses and crayon masterpieces and soft breezy skirts!

Here's a link if you'd like to read more!

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